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in hopes of cheering up...

While you take a dump, IS THERE ANY COOL PASTIME? : reading comics. duh.

Name 10 favourite OBJECTS/THINGS/ANYTHING at the moment:I don't know.

Who comes to mind when you hear...

Banana: better not be fucking rotten
Apple: gimme
Banappleanuspie: o_O;
Mr. Head: A balloon for some reason or another
Blondie: that dumbass comic in the sunday paper
Betsy Sue: I pity the girl with that name
Mofo: Mojo Jojo
Jiggaboo: my dead racist grandfather
Yellow: Hillary
Blue: pretty
Red: Arphalia, Mallin, BLOOD, Liisa
Purple: JOYLIN and Hillary because Hillary says purple makes her think of me <3
Green: forest *sigh*
White: beauty
Black: also beauty
Pink: Liisa and Leelee <3
Silver: favorite metal and TREASURE PLANET
*cough*RAINBOW*cough* (I don't care what anyone says, IT'S a damn color in my BOOK): Push
Wolf: Mallin, Amanda
Cats: my baby *sigh*
Tiger: a beautiful striding tiger
Husky: Sabby
MOUSE: um. A mouse.
Bluetit: What LeeLee said
Crane: my neck? O_O; I don't know
Seagull: Mine?
Monkey: dunno

Robyn: BIRDY
Wormy: ew

OUT of your ALL UR FRIENDS, what BAND reminds YOU of THEM: *shrug* for my closest, dearest friends, specific songs make me think of them, and then bands I know they love a lot.

Who do you currently wanna shove a cucumber up their crusty coochie? : o_O;

WHY is JOHN so PERVERTED ? : because he's a pervert?

DO YOU LIKE BEING PERVERTED : when I'm in the mood ;D

MM, I LIKE PORNO: I'm more interested in hentai and the like than I am in photographs and live video.

THE ONES, WHERE LIKE PEOPLE SEE HOW FAR THEY CAN DEEPTHROAT PLUNGERS : ... you do that... *goes and does something else*

Any comments :) ? : ... *raises eyebrow*

RIGHT NOW I WISH : 'Delle was online. I miss you hun. <:( You gotta show your girl..a little respect..or you wont..get..nothing..back but hate..its those little things that mean so much..you gotta treat her right or GET OUTTA, HER SIGHT: ... alright... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVES ORANGE SODA? : ME WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVES ALL*THAT FIRST SEASON STYLE? : I don't love it, but it was amusing :3 OMFG, BELLA MORTE HAS SUCH BEAUTIFUL SYNTHS, DOWNLOAD FALL NO MORE BY THEM : LAZY Are you enjoying my quiz? ;.;? Is it NICE? SQUEEZEADUBABLE LIKE BIG BREASTED BABOONS? : I'm frightened. And no. ;3 actually it is cheering me up quite a bit. ON my FIRST visit at the ZOO I thought the BABOONS ASS WAS SMEARED BY RED LIPSTICK, ROTLMFASODFOASDFMAS : I probably wouldn't have thought much about it. Its part of the animal afterall. I might have wondered WHY its ass was red, but... *shrug* If I gave you a kiss on your cheek, would you... (A)Smile and never stop (B)BARF (c)Squeal and have 23849238 orgasms (D) say: "WHO THA HELL ARE YOU, BOYYYY, I'M BOUTS TA GET KRUNK, OHHHH BOY I'MMA GET THIS BLACKASS FRYING PAN ON Y0 GRILL!" D!!!! I choose NONE of the above. Considered I don't know you, I would blush and wonder what the hell that was about and who the hell you are :3 One time..when I was little...there was a huge monarch swarm like a tornado, when I was eight, at school on the playground near the field where it was usually vacant..and I got in the middle of them, it was beautiful, I miss that: It does sound beautiful. INSERTRANDOMBABBLETHOUGHTWHATEVERHERE: ... ARE YOU: GOTHIC? yup. EMO? I have no idea. PUNK? Probably not? But I don't know. PREP? DEFENITELY NOT. EMOTH? No clue? GOTHUNK? OH I see what you're doing. PREPUNK? cut that out I'M ORIGINAL AND KEWL BECAUSE I'M NOT ANYTHING BUT MYSELF AND I AVOID TRENDS AND LABELS EVERY DAMN DAY CUZ' I'M SPECIAL AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, MWAHAHAHA: uh, not in those words... I LOVED CHEER BEAR: GOOD FOR YOU only carebears SUCK OH,GOD,NOSTALGIA ATTACK LIKE WOAH, NAME 283482384823 OLD T.V SHOWS: LIKE OMG! NO! *brainless grin* hi I'm silly. I didn't watch that much TV o_O; My dream lollypop design would look like: GREEN AND PURPLE WHAT do you expect from me in a package in da mail? : I have no clue. Hopefully money ;D I STILL SIT IN SANTAS LAP IN THA MALL, do YOU? : I was terrified of doing that in the first place. I think I was afraid Santa wouldn't like me. WHO WANTS TO INVADE CHUCKY CHEESES WITH ME AND PLAY IN THE BALLS EVEN THOUGH WE CAN'T CUZ STUPID AGE DECIDES WHO CAN OR CAN'T *POUTS* UM, PROTEST: BALLS!!!!!!! HARDCORE! LETS! I LOVE HANSON, CAN'T DENY IT, DOOO YUUUUUUU: thats nice. And no, I don't. But you go right ahead. i'm a LITTLE TEAPOT, SHORT AND STOUT : thats a dumb song :P ..DISNEYLAND*#*(*(#%*( : After that book tape my parents had in the car on our trip, It hink I'm afraid of rides... O_O I can actually SING good, AND like a girl, CAN YOU: I am a girl, and I guess so... ^^; I CAN DANCE AND GRIND AND FLOW GOOD, CAN YOU: ... nu -.- LOVE-HATE: overdose of both Will you remember or think of me forever when you hear the rainbow or see one? : I don't know who you are... so I'm sorry? This will never be the end: oh yes it will
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