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stolen from Vulpie

I am not: perfect
I hurt: sometimes
I love: lots of things, but most of all, Mallin
I hate: the shitty things humans do
I fear: losing mallin, death, and needles
I forget: too much
I remember: too little
I imagine: more than you will ever know
I hope: I get a thunderstorm today
I crave: Mallin
I regret: things
I care: a lot
I always: think
I want: my art to be what I want it to be
I feel alone: occasionally
I listen: to everything
I hide: in my room
I pretend: whenever I can
I drive: when I have to
I sing: privately
I cry: too much sometimes
I destroy: nothing
I dance: shyly
I write: stories
I wake: when someone or something wakes me
I breathe: slowly at the moment
I play: with Mallin
I venture: not nearly as much as I'd like
I find: beauty in places most people wouldn't look
I pray: just in case
I miss: Little Kitty
I kiss: Mallin, A LOT
I succeed: occasionally
I search: for myself
I learn: what I want to learn
I feel: too much sometimes
I know: more than you might think
I joke: but I'm not funny
I say: very little
I change: what I can for the better
I fail: sometimes
I dream: a lot
I believe: many things
I wonder: about many things
I want: cake, dammit
I worry: sometimes too much, somes too little
I wish: I was Aya
I fight: with my family, but thats a given
I need: love
I am: myself
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